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Much of our life is local; our community; our friends; our family (the majority of us live within eight miles of parents). When we put our roots down, we’re thinking about the kind of place we want to bring up our kids and live our life.


We seek out knowledge and news upon our community, often with a sense of pride and ambition for it to prosper. Recent research confirmed that living local is becoming increasingly important. Consumers like companies that involve themselves in the local community. They spend half or more of their time and money locally.


Local events often outweigh national interests; there’s even a local MP representing (not closing) 'The Hospital Party' that actually won ahead of the mainstream political parties!


As consumers, we wonder why some of the small businesses struggle, yet we’re happy to buy something online from a stranger a million miles away in order to save pennies. It’s great until something goes wrong!


I’ve spent most of my life working with these businesses and my ambition is to improve their fortunes.


If your business would like to do more locally...then contact me on: 07539 267911